The beginning of Deborah Lynn Jewelry at the Painted Tree Marketplace

In September of 2016, Kroger notified the city the Highland Village that it would be closing its store in mid-November 2016 . The Kroger store has been located in the Highland Village Town Center at Highland Village Road and FM 407 since 2001.  With Kroger moving out, the 61,374 square feet building would become vacant, as no tenant was willing to sign a 10 year lease with Brixmor Property Group. It was unclear why the owner was demanding such a long term commitment. The vacant building sat for quite a while.

Early in 2018, The Painted Tree announced the opening of their newest store at Highland Village Town Center at 2240 Justin Rd Highland Village, TX 75077. Venders began moving in to the vintage market place on June 12th 2018. The Painted Tree had their Grand Opening on June 30, 2018.

Deborah Lynn soon changed her name from Deborah Lynn Jewelry to just "Deborah Lynn", as the sale of jewelry had expanded far beyond just earrings and necklaces. With the quickly expanding Deborah Lynn product line, The Painted Tree Marketplace was the ideal location to sale her jewelry, wall decor, and crosses.

Deborah committed to a six month lease in a small booth at the very back of the store. She thought a six month lease would give her time to decide if a retail spot would be the best way to expose her designs to her customers.

OH MY!!!! and it began.....

Today you can find Deborah Lynn with over 12 booth located in 7 different stores across the southeast. Her product line has grown from jewelry to thousands on items, including: pillows, plates, mugs, lamps, vases, dog and cat decor, furniture, gift cards, gift bags, succulents, collegiate, and more. As one of the top anchor stores in the Painted Tree, soon you will be able to find Deborah Lynn in a new Painted Tree store near you.

The Painted Tree owners are excited about the huge success of their store, and most of, the enormous success of all their venders like Deborah Lynn. They are continually on the search for the best locations to buy, lease, or even build, more Painted Tree Marketplaces.